How much does it cost to design a brochure?

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  • June 23, 2020
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Like many things, designing a brochure depends on several factors, but to make it easy let’s look at some specifics of how much it costs to design a brochure.

Our senior designer, Jim has over 20 years experience of designing leaflets, brochures, catalogues and anything printed.

How much does it cost in time and money to design a brochure?

A brochure by it’s very nature should be a highly attractive marketing tool. With that in mind, every brochure should have several factors; easy to read and navigate, professionally presented and represents the business in the best possible way.

What other costs are there with a brochure being designed other than printing?

In order to get a true cost, you will need to factor other things in such high quality photos, professionally written text and an page order. Those costs can stack up depending on what you want. Professional photographers can charge anything from £150 per day up. Professionally written copy can cost the same depending on the the technical nature of your business. Writers with specific experience in your field will help deliver a well written brochure, because they can project your message in a professional way.

How about designing the brochure?

Designing the brochure can depend on what extra stock photos need to be purchased (starting at around £6 each). You will also need to ensure the designers prepare the file for print, making sure it is to the printers specifications and in high resolution. Mint Graphics costs £215 for a 50 page brochure including the delivery. Agencies can charge much more as they have larger overheads and can be in the region of £1,000 upwards. Freelance designers would be lower and for a 50 page brochure cost in the region of £300-500 just for the design.

Brochure designers will gauge how long the work will take. If it is a 200 page brochure, then doing two or so pages a day for one designer can take quite a long time. A 20 page brochure however is something a designer can digest much easier. Any good designer will also factor in changes, alterations, page redesigns and final tweaks. These can take just as much time, so ensure you give the designer a solid brief before you start, that way you prevent delays.

Is it cheaper to use an existing template?

The trouble with templates is that there is no one size that fits. Your branding is different to others. The picture and text do all the talking, so it is easier to generate something from scratch.

What should someone wanting a brochure design do first?

Plan out what you want, make sure you have a solid plan in place. That could be based on a competitor brochure, your last brochure or something you have found that you like. Plot out where you want the pages, remember, the designer does not know your business like you do. Give the designer all the information they need, don’t expect them to understand the complexities or jargon.

The designer should be the last port of call before it goes to print, so have everything prepared beforehand such as photos and text. If you have some design layouts that you have in mind, remember that the designer will use a balance of text, white space and photos. If you have a design in mind, this could throw the balance off so let the designer have some creative freedom. You will be surprised how a professional designer can think outside the box and use space in a creative way.


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