How does the design process work?

Step 1
Order your product

When you order your product, remember to upload your word document of text that you require on your leaflet, poster, business card etc. Ensure that you provide AS MUCH information as possible.

Ensure what you supply us is:

  • Spell checked
  • Easy to read
  • Clear information with plenty of information

Supplying images to us need to be:

  • High resolution (straight from a phone or digital camera should be ok if on highest settings)
  • Legally be entitled to use by you
  • Is good quality and is not blurry or obscured
  • Large size if you are wanting it to be prominent

Logos also need to be high quality and ready to be used.

Step 2
Starting the design

Your designer will look through your images, text and other supplied items to check through the quality and that it meets our terms and conditions. Once this has passed through our quality check, your designer will contact you with any further questions. The designers job is to understand your requirements with as much detail as possible before starting work.

Step 3
Tweaks and approval

once your product has been designed, it goes through a brief quality check before sending on to you. There might be items you wish to change, add or take out – that is life! Once these have been done, you will need to sign it off before we start the print process. Once printing has commenced, it can take up to 3 days to arrive but we generally try to get them shipped out next-day from sign off.