Terms and conditions

By paying for any of our products you are receiving a designed and printed product and accept these terms and conditions. The customer is to supply all the materials that are needed for the product for example, wording, pictures and logos. 

Our designers will be creative in providing the rest as best they can. Orders made through our website will be designed as soon as possible. Printing can take up to 4 days to complete after the design has been signed off, please contact us for costs on faster services. 

We are unable to use PowerPoint or Publisher documents. Revisions are the amount of times the customer wishes to add or delete content of the product. There is no formal limitation, however we are not responsible for delays if there are numerous changes close to printing production when there is a deadline to meet. 

Once the product is complete, you will need to respond via email that you have signed off the product.

Logos and branding 

Unless a logo or branding is provided, our designers will create a basic logo/brand identity within the time constraints. Revisions will be limited as this can take the most of time to produce and will cause delays in receiving your product.

Single page website

Single page websites are created either using WordPress or HTML5 depending on the requirements. Free hosting will be provided for 365 days after which the cost of hosting is £10 per month or £120 per year up front. Should the customer wish to not carry on the website hosting, they have 30 days to arrange other hosting alternatives or the hosting will be terminated. Domains purchased by Mint Graphics will remain Mint Graphics property until the customer pays £10 to transfer the domain to a third party.



The design of our products is always subjective and we will try our very best to accommodate the ideas, visions and branding as best as we can.

If our designers can’t meet your taste or anticipated look whilst at the design stage and we have tried everything we can, a partial refund will be made minus £50 to cover the initial design process. 

Once a product has been printed we will be unable to offer a refund unless the printing is in any way damaged. Once the product has been signed off – our design team have no responsibility for errors that may be found at a later date. Only when our production is at fault will a replacement product be sent. . If there is a problem with the print quality, samples will need to be photographed and emailed to us.

Mint Graphics will not produce products for gambling, tobacco, pornographic, hate or illegal promotion. Mint Graphics reserves the right to refuse the service and refunds will be given in full if Mint Graphics does not accept the subject.