How much does it cost to design a leaflet? [2020 updated]

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  • March 5, 2019
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Generally, it can take a number of hours to design a leaflet and can cost anything from £100 up to £500 depending on the agency or freelancer that you choose. Some designers like fruitie or agencies will charge by the hour or charge per project and maybe offer other services too such as posters, business cards etc for an additional fee to get some more value, so it is worth seeing how much you can get for their time.

Remember this is a bespoke service, the designer will need to be as creative as possible with space and the information you give, this can take time so be patient.

What about free online templates? The free online templates are good in their own right, but they lack the detailed design that a seasoned professional can offer. Many of the templates might not look great when printed as they might be optimised for the web, so be careful what templates you use and the colour profiles.

Finding the right designer

Look locally first of all, there are some advantages that you can meet them personally or call to discuss your requirements. Try to find reviews and other work they have done, this can give a good indication of the type of design work they create.

Write down all your ideas, colours, text, image locations style and anything else you can think of. We always ask this because the more information we have, the better we can understand what you want. Sometimes customers are very unsure of what they want along with styles, but any good designer will not want to risk designing something without any direction, so it is important to be as clear as possible. A designer with little information, may waste yours and their time designing something that is just not the right fit for what you want to do.

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The design approach

Some designers will design per side, but to get the most out of your flyer, it is always best to utilise both sides. The first side of the leaflet is a great way to get your logo, photos of your products/services and the other side for you call to action. Use the space effectively and make sure there is enough white space so that when customers are reading they can easily find what is relevant to them.

Give some detail

It is important to give as much detail as you can before ordering their services, additional costs for stock photography and logo design/branding should be taken into consideration when you are ordering and get a full breakdown of what is being done before you agree a price and timescales.

Look for inspiration, find some other leaflets by competitors or ones that you just like the look of. If you don’t have a branding style this is more suited. Be careful not to steer the design just like a particular leaflet that you have seen as designers will often just copy the style as this is what you like. Make sure that the designer uses the design as inspiration, as well, let’s face it, it is best to be unique and not copy other work. The more detail you give the more creative a designer can be.

How long does this take?

It all depends on the content, sometimes only take a few hours or even an hour if it is a really simple concept. Allow a couple of days for the designer to produce some initial work, from there alterations to the work can take around a day or two for the designers to reply. If you have a deadline of when the leaflet is to be printed and delivered, then that can make your side of the work much tighter because the more you want to change, the longer it can take, so consider that if your deadline is very tight.

Ordering with us

At mint graphics ALL our products include design, so from £82, you can have a set of leaflets sent to your door with everything included, no hidden charges for shipping. You don’t have to worry about the extra time to design or costs associated with it. We have made sure that all our products include everything you need.

When you order, a designer will be in touch to go through what you need and they will start working on it as soon as the brief is ready. It is important to give as much detail as possible because the designers are not able to re-design from scratch once the project has started.