How to promote your business with postcards

Using postcards to promote your event, product or service has been a favourite for many years. They are a cheap method of promotion designed to give maximum impact. Being the right size, they can put put in a bag, held or handed out very easily.

When something is sent in an envelope, this often prevents people from engaging because what is often the case is people will open it but peer in before taking it out of the envelope. Only then will they decide whether to take the contents out or just discard it.

Target the right audience

This is pretty obvious, choose who you are aiming this to, targeting businesses in specific areas is effective and making sure that they are the kind of people that would be interested in the first place.

Choosing what information that goes on each side.

We always find that getting the maximum amount of information on each side is essential. First side, make this the driver for your advertising. Include an offer, promotional price, free download, voucher etc. Get people’s attention as we all love a discount. Ensure your website and contact details are on both sides. People want to find the information as soon as possible.

Include a price. This is pretty fundamental, our minds are tunes into prices and even when we go on websites, the biggest landing page is often the pricing page, why? Because we want to see how expensive the product is. Simple.

Make sure there is a call to action

Give the potential customer something to do in order to get the product or service. Make them get to that answer as soon as possible.