What makes a good brochure?

Brochures are essential for promoting your range of products or services. Estate Agents, window replacement companies and tile shops for example all use them. Handing them out to potential customers let’s them make a decision about your products, meaning they can take their time and use the information to their advantage.

What should you put in a brochure?

Prices are a good start, dimensions also work along with more technical information. A call to action is also very important and with an A5 size brochure, you can fit lots of information on the back and inside pages.

Make sure your brochure has:

  • Lots of detail about your products with high quality images
    Clear call-to-action with lots of space
  • Clear sentences with only a length of 10 words for each sentence

How big should a brochure be?

That depends on your subject, if you have a wide range of products spanning many pages then a bigger A4 size might work but if you have a small range or a service then an 8 page A5 size brochure is perfect.


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